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Wall Hung Basins

A popular option for the British home. Wall hung basins suit bathrooms of all shapes and styles. But excel in smaller spaces where their floating fitting can help save on space. All without compromising on quality, style or practicality. And with basins available in widths from under 30cm and over 1 metre. You can shop savvy to find just the right fit. read more

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A Roca Laura wall hung basin

Wall Hung Basins

Not everyone has room for countertops or vanity units to host their wash area. Some rooms need to be clever with space. Making the most of available space to give your bathroom a light and airy feel despite its size. So, if you're working with a smaller bathroom space a wall hung basin may be the right investment. Letting you take full advantage of the vertical space in your room. Clearing the floor of obstructions and allowing for improved mobility in your bathroom.

Wall hung basins are one of the most commonplace utilities in British homes for a reason. Their flexibility and focus on space retention make them perfect for the smaller bathroom. But this doesn't mean your stuck selecting from tiny basins. In fact, some models reach over 1 metre in length. Acting more as centrepiece countertop with space for keeping towels, toothbrushes and whatever bathroom goodies you need. Cloakroom sized models don't suffer from impracticality either. Boasting clever use of the surface area to still provide you handy stashing area.

One thing that most wall-hung basins have in common is a short projection and wider width. This is to keep the basin from jutting out into your bathroom while still maintaining a usable size. The same goes for the basin's height. Shorter heights with thinner walls allow for deep luxurious bowls and still cut down on vertical space consumed. Meaning the piping on show isn't as invasive.

Looks to Match

The benefit of a product that is designed from the ground up to be space-saving and more streamlined. Is that the looks of that product often ends up being sleeker and more refined than a bulky offering. That's exactly what wall hung basins offer. An elementary style that can take the back seat and blend into a minimalist decor. Or take the spotlight as a feature piece.

The diverse styles on offer from our many brands ensure a variety of bathrooms are catered for. Contemporary rounded and D-shape basins are great for the average home. Sharp and boxy models fit more with cutting edge minimalism. And vintage look basins with different tap holes suit the charms of any more traditional bathroom. There really is a look to suit everyone!

The Extras

Once you have your perfect basin. There are a few pieces you'll need to complete the package. The first is a basin waste. This connects from your basin's outlet to your drainage piping. Letting excess water leave safely. Depending on whether your basin has an overflow or not. You may need a slotted or unslotted waste. Slotted wastes let the water from an overflow feedback to the drain. While unslotted models don't feature this hole.

Once you have your waste, you'll need to connect it to a bottle trap. This piece of equipment connects from your waste to the plumbing. And its purpose is to prevent noxious gasses from the drainage returning up the pipes and out your drain hole. Smelling up your bathroom and home. An essential investment if you plan on fitting a new basin.

The last thing you may need to add are reinforced wall fittings. Most wall-hung basins include a set suitable for most walls. But it's worth checking with your fitter if stronger fixings are needed. Because not all walls are made equal. And some may struggle to support a basin. Especially if it is a larger and/or heavier unit.