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Semi Recessed Basins

Semi-recessed basins provide a novel way for fitting your basin in an array of different spaces. Be it normal fitting to some bathroom furniture or worktop. Or making use of existing irregular ledges in your room that no other basin could fit too. The adaptability and convenience of these basins make them a popular choice for modern and traditional bathrooms alike. read more

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A Roca The Gap semi-recessed basin fitted to a floating worktop.

Semi-Recessed Basins

Allowing for fitting in many spaces. Some of which that would be completely unusable for a normal basin. This is the draw of semi-recessed basins. They work by cutting out a portion of the basin's underside. Creating a ledge that can rest on - and in - many surfaces. This creates a protruding design that places half of the basin in the surface and the other half overhanging.

The benefits of this are a basin area that is brought closer to the user. Reducing the need to stretch over edges to reach brassware or the back of the basin. Making it easier to use and clean. The flexibility of fitting also means you can make use of parts of your bathroom that you would have thought unusable. Allowing for improved space economy. Maximizing the utility you get from even smaller bathrooms.

Flexible Design

Semi-recessed basins are essentially reworked versions of a standard wall hung sink. This means they enjoy the same level of diversity when it comes to size, style, shape and materials. With cloakroom sized models all the way up to full-sized feature pieces available.

Modern models tend to be offered in contemporary forms suiting the sleek lines of current bathroom trends. These include rectangular models with sharp or soft edges and deep bowls. Or curving round basins with thicker rims. Many of which feature integrated tap ledges that provide a space for not only your brassware. But also essentials like toothbrushes, handsoap and cosmetics.

Traditionalists aren't left out of the equation either. Many period influenced basins are available in the semi-recessed form. These often have stepped designs and flattened corners. Giving the protruding section of the basin a flattering presence in a vintage bathroom. A choice of tap holes is usually available also. Giving you the freedom to experiment with tap arrangements.

Finding the Right Fit

You'll probably have no problem finding the right size and look for your basin. But before you set your heart on that perfect model. Make sure your space is capable of accommodating it.

This means checking the depth of the fitting space against that of the underside ledge of the basin. If the basin's projection is too much you won't be able to fit the ledge correctly. If it's too small, you risk wasting space behind the sink.

It's also worth making sure that the underside of the surface you intend to fit to is hollow and has enough space to fit the required plumbing. As pipes will need to come through this surface to connect to the basin's waste and feed any fitted taps.