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Countertop Basins

A well-styled countertop basin can elevate your bathroom's wash area. With designer inspired shapes that stretch the idea of what a basin can look like. And resilient materials that make those shapes possible. Countertop basins have become a staple of the modern bathroom. read more

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A Clearwater Vicenza countertop basin and a tall monobloc tap

Countertop Basins

The bathroom is no longer just a place for completing your daily ablutions. Now it is a place that can be made to feel wholly more inviting and impressive. Which is why the popularity of countertop basins has surged. Unlike other basins. Deck fitting bowls make a point of standing out and making a statement. Achieving designs like no other and using quality materials to achieve those looks. 


Available in a mind-boggling range of shapes and sizes. Countertop basins have a look to suit anyone's idea of decor perfection. First, you have the more conventional sit on rectangular shapes. These come with hard angular corners or softer rounded ones depending on your preference. But both have bases that seamlessly drop into the surface they sit on. Giving a one-piece look. 
Next, you have the more audacious bowl style models. These are the most diverse shape-wise. Coming in subtle shallow bowls that belong in a spa. To deep sumptuous mini-boat styled basins with sweeping edges. All share the feature of resting on a base that tapers down from the outer rim of the bowl.

It's not all about cutting edge modern design. Many of the most popular sit-on basins come with influence from period looks. With roll-top rims and more ornately decorated side walls being staple features. Whatever your look. There's a model for your home.


Basins of this style are undoubtedly more of a premium investment. Offering superb one-off design in almost bespoke looking packages. To achieve some of these shapes, high-quality materials must be used.

One popular option is the tough enamel coating of vitreous china. Allowing for rigid strength and excellent resistance to scuffs and scratches. This material is also cost-effective and lightweight. Not to mention the brilliant gloss shine that comes with it.

Stone crafted basins provide the absolute pinnacle of premium feel and looks. With strength that allows designers and manufacturers to create thin-rimmed designs that defy logic. Finish options are also opened up to matt styles. Giving a more subtle look that could go well with a similarly styled stone bath. The downside of this material is the weight - that can put limitations on the surface your fitting to - and the cost.


As the name suggests, Countertop basins do just that. They sit atop a counter or any suitable surface. A suitable surface is one that has the strength to support your basin - worth checking if you have a larger model or one with stone construction - but also can have a hole cut in to fit the necessary plumbing.

So, you can have a basin sit on a furniture unit that has space for internal plumbing. A great solution if you want to maintain a minimal "pipe-free" look. Or maybe fit your sink to the top of a floating worktop. This will require an additional bottle trap to complete fitting.

It is also worth noting that despite their delicate looks. Not all countertop basins are without an overflow. Some include a subtle cavity that allows for an overflow hole. So, check your model before purchasing a basin waste.