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RAK Ceramics

World-renowned for their wide range of products and bespoke furniture, RAK Ceramics brings your ideas to life in a way that only a company with decades of experience can. After 30 years of creating iconic products with a specialisation in ceramic and grès porcelain wall and floor tiles, RAK Ceramics can count itself as one of the world’s largest ceramics brands. read more

RAK Ceramics Bath Taps

Wall, floor and deck mounted bath taps, we have a vast range of styles colours and finishes available you can even get matching bath and basin taps

RAK Ceramics

World-renowned for their wide range of products and bespoke furniture, RAK Ceramics brings your ideas to life in a way that only a company with decades of experience can. After 30 years of creating iconic products with a specialisation in ceramic and grès porcelain wall and floor tiles, RAK Ceramics can count itself as one of the world’s largest ceramics brands.

This achievement isn’t made possible without the commitment to quality and sustainability that the brand has made it their mission to stand by. Satisfying internationally recognized industry standards and certifications for both ceramic tiles and sanitary ware, RAK is able to manage production at a high level with the results being beautiful and expertly crafted basins, toilets, furniture, and more. Their aim to improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution in the process also translates to their products. With eco-friendly sanitary ware that focuses on saving water, RAK Ceramics not only produces high-quality pieces with the best materials, they also positively impact the environment.

With their passion and vast knowledge of the industry coupled with hi-tech innovations, RAK Ceramics ultimately gives its clients the ability to choose from a range of integrated ceramics solutions and allow for renewed creativity when designing their bathroom space. 

RAK Toilets

Beauty in design isn’t reserved for a select few components, it can be implemented in even the most utilitarian of places, including sanitary ware. Thanks to its award-winning innovation and staff of over 12,000, RAK Ceramics is able to strike the perfect balance of attractive designs and state-of-the-art technology in unlikely products, including their wide range of toilets and bidets. 

From close-coupled and back-to-wall styles to wall-hung and floor standing models, RAK Ceramics offers a variety of designs suited to all needs that can fit in alongside any bathroom decor thanks to their selection of finishes. In addition to the polished white of classic toilets, you’ll find matte white, matte black, matte grey, matte cappuccino and more on select models.

Running throughout their brand of toilets, you’ll also find features that set RAK Ceramics models apart from the competition and make their use more efficient and effective. RAK-ProTeK, for example, is RAK’s proprietary ceramic glaze developed to protect toilets and other sanitary ware making them more hygienic and easier to clean than standard glaze. Silver ions contained within also kill 99.9% of bacteria and the exceptionally smooth surface prevents particle build-up to make cleaning a breeze.

Better hygiene is also the driving force behind the RAK Ceramics Touchless Flushing System. Homeowners can now benefit from the same hands-free experience of a commercial restroom right in their home thanks to the sensor module mounted under the toilet’s cistern lid. The accurate sensing technology activates the dual flush in one of two ways: waving your hand for a water-saving flush of 3 liters or holding your hand above the sensor for 6 liters.

The latest rimless technology rounds out RAK’s toilet innovations by enhancing efficiency and promoting hygiene. Save water, keep up with cleaning and eliminate flush noise by choosing a RAK Ceramics rimless toilet from a wide range of models.

RAK Shower Trays

As with everything they do, RAK Ceramics has invested considerable time and attention in their effort to help create the ideal shower area by designing the RAK-Feeling shower tray. Crafted and produced with your comfort and well-being in mind, RAK Ceramics shower trays combine form and functionality for a product that is both elegant and practical.

Made of RAKSOLID, RAK’s signature material made of a mixture of natural minerals and resins, RAK-Feeling shower trays are durable and stand up to regular use. RAKSOLID also produces a stone effect that provides a distinct feel to the shower area and offers even more benefits not visible upon first glance.

To begin, RAK-Feeling shower trays are only 3 cm thick and, as a result, are easy to install on the floor, flush to the floor or semi-recessed. They’re also resistant to fungi and bacteria and are safe against slips, allowing you to put the health and safety of you and your family first.

The customizability of the RAK-Feeling shower tray also makes it a unique item in the brand’s lineup. Choose from a number of different shapes and sizes to match your shower area and select the colour that suits your bathroom best. If the time comes to repair or replace the product, you can rest assured RAK Ceramics can help too.

RAK Furniture

Like it’s sanity ware and ceramic offerings, RAK Ceramics bathroom furniture is high-quality and luxurious in its simplicity, offering both practicality and attractiveness. The RAK-Joy bathroom furniture range is the perfect example of the brand’s ability to provide elegant solutions and meet your individual style while creating well-organized interior spaces with adequate storage. 

RAK-Joy wall-hung vanity units, for example, range from small single basins dimensions (400 x 210 x 600 mm) to large dual basin cabinets (2000 x 460 x 600 mm) with optional countertop basins, capable of withstanding heavy loads of up to 150 kg. Waterproof materials like TECHWOOD and LAMILAK, soft-close hinges and full extraction drawers also sweeten the deal and highlight RAK Ceramics’ attention to detail.

RAK-Joy Open Storage is another way to add modular storage to your bathroom and can be installed right alongside your vanity unit, matching the selection of available RAK-Joy finishes. When paired with a wall-hung tall cabinet for dedicated storage, you’ll find there’s no shortage of options for your modern minimalist bathroom.

RAK-Resort furniture is another option in the RAK Ceramics product lineup and an economical one that maximizes the space of your bathroom without sacrificing style. Cloakroom vanity units are compact and concise but offer storage where they can in several elegant finishes. When paired with the tall vanity units, they provide storage when it’s in short supply while also matching and complementing the brand’s sanitary ware perfectly.

RAK Basins

While RAK Ceramics offers a variety of different products and ranges, its in their line of washbasins that they are truly able to show their diversity. With a comprehensive assortment of different sizes, shapes, styles, and materials, there’s no doubt you’ll find a basin suited for your bathroom from RAK Ceramics. Available in freestanding, wall-hung, drop-in, countertop, pedestal, half pedestal, semi-recessed styles, and more, accommodating space and preferred aesthetics is easy.

Narrowing your selection down isn’t difficult either, especially if you’ve decided to outfit your bathroom with other RAK Ceramics products. Basins can be matched with their corresponding toilets, bidets, shower trays, and more for a uniform look throughout your room. The organic stone feel of RAK-Feeling shower trays, for example, will perfectly complement the colourful countertop RAK-Feeling washbasins, whether rectangular, round, or oval. Likewise, the rounded, futuristic look of the RAK-Cloud freestanding, wall-hung and countertop basins align perfectly with the similarly-styled toilets in the same range, helping to create a common theme throughout and tie your bathroom together.

Like their toilets, you’ll also find many RAK Ceramics washbasins crafted with RAK-ProTeK glaze, making them especially hygienic and easy to clean. You’ll find they’re almost universally fitted with one tap holes too, meaning finding the right tap to complete your basin, and thus your bathroom is simple.