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Essential Bathrooms

As a family-owned business for over a decade, Essential Bathrooms knows what it takes to create a bathroom that looks great and stands the test of time. Whether outfitting a small or large space, an existing or new build, Essential Bathrooms produces the products you need that fit within a budget you can afford.  read more

Essential Bathrooms Bath Taps

Wall, floor and deck mounted bath taps, we have a vast range of styles colours and finishes available you can even get matching bath and basin taps

Essential Bathrooms

As a family-owned business for over a decade, Essential Bathrooms knows what it takes to create a bathroom that looks great and stands the test of time. Whether outfitting a small or large space, an existing or new build, Essential Bathrooms produces the products you need that fit within a budget you can afford. 

Offering a wide selection of the latest designs, you’ll find baths, basins, showers and more in a variety of colours, finishes and styles, giving you the flexibility of choice and the opportunity to find the perfect fit for your home. Their use of quality materials also means fixtures and furniture supplied by Essential Bathrooms are long-lasting and accessible to all. Whether it’s your first foray into bathroom design or you’re a seasoned pro, you can be sure that Essential Bathrooms will deliver contemporary styles, practical solutions, high-quality finishes and an exceptional value.

Essential Bathrooms Toilets

Cleverly categorized by their respective suites, Essential toilets are designed to perfectly complement their matching fixtures, whether contemporary or traditional. Closed coupled, wall hung, back to wall and corner models round out Essential’s offerings, representing a range of toilets that look and perform differently but all function with efficiency. When pan, cistern and seat are combined, they make for expertly crafted units that never look out of place. 

Though each toilet is unique, some features can be found across nearly every model. Rimless designs, for example, ensure optimal hygiene and low maintenance. Dual Flush Eco cisterns, on the other hand, ensure only the necessary amount of water is used. While each suite delivers a unique toilet style and a different level of accessibility, each is made of high-quality Vitreous China with a glossy white finish.

Essential Bathrooms Furniture

Furniture in any bathroom is key to not only the look of the space but it’s functionality too. Essential Bathrooms offers bathroom furniture that does both skillfully, helping to transform what can often be a chaotic environment into a calm and tidy place where you can relax. Basins units make up a large part of Essential’s range of bathroom furniture and rightfully so; pulling double duty, they not only house a basin but provide much-needed storage underneath. From the contemporary styles of the Colorado and Dakota suites to the more refined touches of Maine and Hampshire, all tastes are accounted for here.

For larger bathrooms, floorstanding tall boy cabinets that measure in at up to 1400 mm take advantage of high ceilings, while smaller ones will benefit from more modest drawer units. Regardless of bathroom size, Essential’s array of mirrors take advantage of all of your bathroom’s best angles and their WC units will help hide unsightly plumbing at a fraction of the cost of a concealed cistern.

Essential Bathrooms Showers

Fine-tuning your shower space has never been easier than with Essential’s selection of thermostatic showers and adjustable handsets. Featuring brassware by Niagara, choose from slimline round or square designs, Observa and Equate, that can help add a small touch of individuality to enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic. Available in both Chrome and Matt Black (the former of which carries a lifetime guarantee), you’ll quickly find out there’s really no wrong choice as each one looks beautiful and performs superiorly.

For a more streamlined fixture, Essential’s round bar valve pack offers a handheld shower wand with easy-to-use controls and settings for a simple shower solution that’s budget-friendly. Also available in square and round styles, there’s no doubt you’ll find a match for your bathroom.

Essential Bathrooms Baths

If your bathroom is your oasis, the bath itself is likely the centrepiece. Whether it’s used to get clean or to simply relax, choosing the right one can sometimes prove to be difficult. With the selection from Essential Bathrooms, however, you’re spoiled for choice. Featuring single-ended, double-ended, floorstanding, roll top and shower baths, an Essential model will meet or exceed your expectations with a value you’ll appreciate.

Many features in the Essentials bath range will also be welcome additions to your bathroom. Made from Lucite acrylic with reinforced quartz options, each bath is built to be durable and to stand up against everyday use. From the popular Bromley model to the Strand freestanding tub, you’ll find Essential baths in several different sizes and dimensions, making it easy to find one to fit your space. When outfitted with Essentials bath panels, you’ll begin to blur the lines between shower and bath and reestablish what it is your bath can do for you.

Essential Bathrooms Basins

Provided you have the floor or countertop space, installing a beautiful basin can help tie together a bathroom and bring subtle design cues to the forefront; a basin, for example, could be the only fixture a guest ever sees or uses in your bathroom but can still make a big impression. Instead of imposing, however, Essential basins make use of your existing space and work within it to fill a critical role while still looking great. Understated models like those in the Fuchsia, Ivy and Jasmine suites provide plenty of depth and a durable Vitreous China build without compromising style. Essential delivers even more eye-catching designs in the Lavender suite, however. These ceramic countertop designs are modern and minimalistic and provide a distinct look and feel that are unlike any standard model.

When paired with brassware by Niagara, you’ll be highlighting the latest design features for effortless style and exceptional quality. The Hadley basin mixer in Matt Black, for example, stands out for its bold colour and simple yet powerful design.

Essential Bathrooms Accessories

To add the finishing touches to your bathroom, why not opt for Essential Bathrooms' accessories? From the additional storage, an Urban robe hook or wall mounted soap dish or dispenser can provide, you’ll easily optimize your layout for maximum efficiency. Beyond making sure everything has its place, Essential accessories, like the Urban grab bar, can help make your bathroom more accessible and safe for the whole family.