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Perfect for smaller spaces that can't accommodate both a full-sized shower enclosure and a bath. Shower baths bridge that gap. Providing a space-saving option that lets you have the best of both worlds. Take your pick from standard, L-shaped and P-shaped models and find the right sized bath for you! read more

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Why a Shower Bath Might Be Right For You.

When making the decision whether to fit a shower enclosure or bath to your bathroom. The decision can fall down to a number of factors.

A larger bathing space might be able to accommodate a large comfortable bath. While a smaller space could require an enclosure to fit in its space. If you have young children. Bathing might be best done from a bath. But a less physically able person may find a shower easier to get in and out of.

You may like taking a relaxing soak in your bath at the end of the day. Or perhaps you need an invigorating shower every morning. But what if the answer to all these questions isn't black and white? Well, this is where a shower bath can help solve the problem.

What to Look For in a Shower Bath

Like any other bath. There are different shapes, sizes and styles to consider before opting to buy. And these can define your decision. There are many brands to choose from including RAK Ceramics, Roca, and Ideal Standard. 

Bath Shapes

Shower baths offer a unique spread of silhouettes. With a larger space required to allow the user to comfortably shower. To achieve this space most brands opt for one of two styles: P-shaped or L-shaped.

P-shaped Baths

Baths like this open up their shower area with a softer rounded shape. This creates a semi-circular shower space and blends flawlessly from the original lines of the bath. This aesthetic makes it popular in contemporary bathrooms with more gentle decor.

L-shaped baths

More angular and sharp looking than a P-shaped model. L-shaped baths are ideal for modern and minimalist looks where refinement is key. These baths have a clearly defined boxy shower area. Usually providing a touch more space.

Bath Screens

Every shower bath needs a bath or shower screen. This is important for keeping the rushing water from the fitted shower inside the bath.

Because of their unique shapes. Shower baths usually include a screen or have a specific model made for them. P-shaped baths will need a screen with a specific curve. While L-shaped baths will have to have a screen that meets their corners perfectly.

It's always worth reading the description to see if a screen is included or if a matching model is sold separately.

Bath Panels

Another part of the shower bath that can define how it's fitted is its bath panels. These are split into side and end panels. Most shower baths will come with a provided side panel. This is because of their unique shape and length.

However, the inclusion of this panel only caters for one type of fitting. Where the bath is enclosed at both ends. If you want your bath to fit with an open end. You'll have to look to see if optional end panels are available.

We're happy to advise on the sizing of these panels. As it isn't as simple as one size fits all.


The most popular material above all for manufacturing these convenient baths is acrylic. Because acrylic is light and flexible. It makes forming the bespoke shapes of these baths much easier. And also allows for easier installation.

But don't let it's lack of mass fool you. Acrylic is strong and capable of dealing with the trials of a busy family bathroom. Some brands even included multi-year guarantees to level your confidence.

Some manufacturers have begun investing in acrylic blends. These use acrylic sheets mixed with different resins like stone and other tough materials. Giving the bath even more strength and in some cases better heat holding properties

Take a Look Around.

Now that you know what to look for. Why not browse our shower bath section. We host baths from acclaimed bath makers in a range of shapes and sizes. Or if you're stuck and can't find what you're looking for. Contact us and we'll be happy to help!