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Slipper Baths

The pinnacle of bathing comfort. Slipper baths provide a comfortable upright seating position with back support. This allows for slightly shorter lengths. Meaning even smaller bathrooms can accommodate these luxurious baths. Traditional and contemporary options are available to match your bathroom's look. read more

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Slipper Baths

The distinctive looks of slipper baths make them a real signature piece in a bathing room. A swooping back rises up to give a sense of presence while the rest of the bath is sumptuously deep for enveloping the bather. All together, they are as good to look at as they are to be sitting in! And with a selection of vintage and contemporary designs to choose from. There's a slipper bath for every home.


The slipper style bath was originally a Victorian design. Featuring a rolled top that would give its user a soft rounded edge to sprawl their arms out. And claw feet that would raise the bath off the ground. But now, modern iterations follow the same contemporary design cues as many freestanding baths. With monolithic structures and elegant sweeping line that creates a very minimalist look.

But what all slipper baths have in common is their shape. The iconic raised back of these baths is designed to give the bather a place to rest their back, neck and head in the most comfortable position possible. This provides a much more upright seating position. Making the user feel like they're sat in a large comfortable wing-back chair.


But this elevated seating has a secondary benefit. Because more of the individual inside is positioned vertically.  This means less length is required horizontally to allow them to have their legs fully stretched out. Translating to a shorter bath that can fit in much smaller spaces than a conventional freestanding bath. In some cases as short as 1500mm!

Ideal if you have a smaller bathroom and had given up on the idea of being able to fit a luxury freestanding bath in your room.


As with many other categories of bath. The two main players in the manufacturing of these baths are acrylic and stone resin. Period influenced styles to tend to opt for acrylic because of its lightweight. This makes it much easier to support with a set of heavy-duty bath legs. As well as the lower mass. Acrylic is relatively inexpensive and is easy to mould into more dramatic shapes. Perfect for slipper bath's unique form.

Stone compounds are more likely to be used to make solid modern designs. With unbelievable strength, these blended materials are also much easier to repair than acrylic. With any chips being able to be filled and patched. Stone can also be finished in both gloss and matte. So, if you'd prefer a more unique appearance. Stone might be the material for you.