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Tracing its roots back to 1967, Smedbo is one of the most recognised brand names in regard to quality bathroom accessories and high-quality furniture. Whether you are hoping to improve the aesthetics of an existing bathroom or you instead intend to design a new environment from scratch, there is no doubt that you will find that you have been looking for. read more

Smedbo Bathrooms

Tracing its roots back to 1967, Smedbo is one of the most recognised brand names in regard to quality bathroom accessories and high-quality bathroom furniture. Whether you are hoping to improve the aesthetics of an existing bathroom or you instead intend to design a new environment from scratch, there is no doubt that you will find that you have been looking for. Furthermore, you can be assured that price is never sacrificed for durability. This provides all users with an excellent return on investment over the years. These are some of the features which have allowed this company to thrive within such a competitive industry. Let us quickly examine the wide range of Smedbo products in order to fully appreciate the benefits of each.

Smedbo Bathroom Accessories

The sheer range of Smedbo bathroom accessories leaves little to be desired in terms of style and design. The good news is that each accessory has been engineered to the highest of standards, so finding the perfect solution for your home has never been more straightforward.

Robe hooks

Their line of robe hooks is defined by a high-gloss chrome finish as well as a bold visual design. In terms of sheer luxury, customers simply cannot go wrong when choosing these bathroom accessories. Note that many of these can also double as a towel rail; ideal if you hope to de-clutter your bathroom.

Soap Dishes

Smedbo soap baskets and dishes are yet two additional options to consider. The polished chrome appearance of this hardware is than accentuated with a plethora of unique designs to choose from. Some can be placed within a shower while it is possible to mount others into a corner of your bathroom. This complete range of products offers the same visual appeal that has come to define the online Smedbo shop over the years. 

Soap Dispensers

The collection of soap dispensers provided by Smedbo will add a touch of class to any room. Boasting materials such as durable porcelain and chrome, luxury is never called into question. Of course, Smedbo provides a host of configuration options such as wall mounted dispensers as well as those which can be placed directly upon a basin or countertop. 

Storage Baskets

Do you need to store everyday items within your bathroom? If so, the range of storage baskets solely provided by Smedbo represents an efficient solution. Their bold sense of angular beauty can likewise compliment nearby elements such as towel rings, grab bars and even toilet brush holders. These wall and shower baskets are east to install and they will offer years of unfettered use with few (if any) maintenance issues.

Toilet Brushes

Smedbo appreciates the fact that hygiene is important within any bathroom. A quality Smedbo toilet brush is therefore a must-have accessory. From frosted glass finishes to matte black and brushed chrome with a solid brass construction, style is never a concern. It is also possible to purchase spare brush heads alongside the holders outlined above.

Toilet Roll Holders

It has been said that even the smallest of accessories within any bathroom can leave a lasting impression. The team at Smedbo has taken this mantra quite seriously over the years. The style and selection of toilet roll holders is a perfect example of this mentality. Wall mounted models, vertical toilet roll stands and even the use of stainless steel are but a handful of options which customers can select. Be sure to take a closer look at these toilet roll holders in detail.

Toilet Rails

Are you concerned about safety? In terms of mobility and support, toilet rails will provide a much-needed edge within any modern bathroom. These accessories boast the same durable construction that has served to define this brand over the years. Their polished chrome-plated brass construction and easy mounting will take the guesswork out of the installation process. This hardware can also be used in synergy with the other items offered by this brand such a towel rails.


The Smedbo brand is also known for its selection of tumblers and tumbler holders. While each offers a traditional appeal, the use of modern materials will stand up to everyday wear and tear. Note that both porcelain and glass tumblers are available. It is also possible to purchase a separated holder when required.

Smedbo Bathroom Furniture

What are some of the features which have served to define this brand in regard to bathroom furniture? The Smedbo company will enable customers to create perfect environment thanks to a host of unique accessories to choose from. the price ranges are also quite impressive, so it is possible to accommodate nearly any budget. Let us how take a look at what their online shop has to offer in terms of mirrors and shelving.


Note that there are two main options within this category. The first involves purchasing a mirror that contains a socket. This socket can then be used as a sturdy base. It is also possible to mount such mirrors upon a wall when desired. Others may be folded when not in use; freeing up valuable space.

Users can likewise purchase a fixed wall mirror. This type of Smedbo mirror offers a traditional sense of appeal. They will also provide an additional amount of storage space if you have been hoping to reduce nearby clutter. One example can be seen in a wall-mounted plastic mirror with a built-in hook. Not only is this a cost-effective solution, but the installation process is quite straightforward.


Shelving represents one of the details which can provide a finishing touch to any environment. Not only is this furniture extremely practical, but Smedbo is a brand which has always been associated with a decidedly luxurious flair. Once again, variety is the spice of life. Some shelving units have been fashioned from chrome-plated brass while others are comprised of glass or stainless steel. Unique configurations such as corner-mounted units can also be obtained if you are concerned about saving a significant amount of space. 

Note that these are some of the many accessories which are offered by the professional team at Smedbo. Not only have they placed an immense amount of focus upon aesthetic beauty, but the sleek nature of these products is perfectly suited for more contemporary environments. Are you curious to learn more about specific hardware or bathroom furniture options? If so, be sure to contact one of our professional team members. We will always be pleased to assist further.