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Freestanding Bath Taps

If you have a feature bath that needs brassware that stands out. Then take a look at our selection of freestanding bath taps. Available in a variety of styles and finishes. These taps stand high enough to reach the edges of almost any freestanding bath. While some options include shower kits to make bathing that bit more pleasurable. read more

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A freestanding bath tap next to a bath.

Freestanding Bath Taps

Freestanding baths bring exceptional luxury to a bathroom. But their unique shape and positioning present a very unique problem. With no substantial edge to fit deck mounted brassware. Or nearby wall to fit wall mounted taps. How can you fill your bath?

The answer is a freestanding bath tap. A tap that fits onto your floor and features heights - usually around one metre - that allow them to stretch over the edge of even the tallest baths. These taps are the epitome of premium luxury. With designs to suit the most modern bathroom and using materials that ensure the most long-lasting builds.

Taps like these can come in simple guises. With just a stalk and control lever letting you blend hot and cold water to achieve the perfect soak. But some models include integrated shower kits for a more complete bathing experience.

These kits usually comprise a handset and hose that rest on a built-in holster. Making it easy to access from within the bath. Sending water to the handset is usually handled by a plunger diverter valve. A simple stalk that you pull to send water from the handset instead of the spout. And just like that, you have a functional shower in your freestanding bath.


The chances are that if you have or are having a freestanding bath fitted. You most likely can fit a freestanding bath tap. But it is worth checking some factors if you are considering both.

First, you need to ensure you are able to have plumbing routed under your floor. This can restrict the locations that your filler is fitted.

Secondly, most taps of this type require higher water pressures. This is necessary to overcome gravity and provide the necessary flow rates to function effectively. Allowing for quick fill times. Some freestanding taps require as little as 1 Bar of pressure. but others can need as much as 3 Bar. So, it is important to check with each model to ensure your water system is capable.