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Pedestal Basins

Suitable for modern and traditional bathrooms alike. Pedestal basins are the timeless bathroom piece that isn't going anywhere. Combining looks that work almost anywhere with a function that can't be beaten. Take your pick of one of the many full or semi pedestal models we have to choose from. read more

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A Burlington edwardian basin with a full pedestal fitted.

Pedestal Basins

Well established in bathroom design. Pedestal basins provide practical function as well as a classic look that has persisted and evolved to this day. Now, pedestal basins are available in modern and traditional guises. With many manufacturers taking their shot at this ubiquitous product.

The package consists of two parts: the basin itself and a matching pedestal. The basin is usually a wall-hung model and can be used as such without the pedestal. However, the pedestal serves an important purpose. Providing weight support for the basin. Which removes some of the strain usually placed on the by wall hanging a basin. The pedestal also serves to conceal the pipework leading from the underside of the basin into the wall. This raw pipework can be unsightly. So, covering it with a smooth pedestal makes for definite improvement.

Full Pedestal or Semi-Pedestal

You'll often see the terms "full pedestal" and "semi-pedestal" when shopping around for a basin of this type. They simply relate to the size of the pedestal vertically. But what look you hope to achieve and your space can define what type of pedestal you need.

Full pedestals are the most common type and are the first thought when you hear "pedestal basin". They are considered to be "full" because they reach the full length from the basin's underside to the floor. Creating a one-piece look that can make any basin feel premium. One thing to note is that with these pedestals. The height is set. Meaning whatever the combined height of it and your basin is, will be the overall height of your setup. An important consideration when thinking about your needs and your space.

Semi-pedestals are the shrunken down version of a full pedestal. And instead of reaching and fitting to the floor. They fit to the wall and only cover the basin's pipework. You can find semi-pedestals in a range of heights. And because they do not fit to the floor. You have more freedom over how high your basin is fitted. But because of this wall fitting, you don't receive as much weight support as a full-height model.

Traditional Idea. Modern Style.

The basin pedestal is one of the oldest basin styles. With the idea dating back to the Victorian era. It has persisted through the generations and is now available in a plethora of styles and sizes. Both modern and traditional bathrooms can benefit from the looks of a pedestal basin.

Modern iterations tend to favour D-shaped or rectangular bowls. And these usually sit on top of a monolithic pedestal that rests fully back to the wall. Creating a flawless one-piece look. These are particularly popular in smaller bathrooms like cloakrooms or ensuites. Where space doesn't allow for a vanity washing area.

However, tradition hasn't taken a back seat. With many brands still producing gorgeous period style basins and pedestals. These basins usually feature more decorative flared edges and often have the choice of tap holes. Letting you accommodate more conventional pillar brassware arrangements. The pedestals that support these sinks are equally as ornate. Often sporting elegantly sweeping shapes.