Blair Nimmo and Geoff Jacobs were appointed Joint Provisional Liquidators of Bathroom Planet Ltd (the ‘Company’) on 11 August 2022 and Joint Interim Liquidators on 31 August 2022.

The Company ceased trading at the date of the Joint Provisional Liquidators’ appointment Further information on the liquidation, including details on how to submit a claim can be found at

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With a history of exceptional quality and exquisite design that dates back to the 1930s, Bushboard has built their kitchen and bathroom surfaces company on not only their excellent value but their dependability too. read more

Bushboard Walk In Showers

Shower in complete luxury in a walk in shower from, whether you are a looking for a traditional period look or a more modern black finish


With a history of exceptional quality and exquisite design that dates back to the 1930s, Bushboard has built their kitchen and bathroom surfaces company on not only their excellent value but their dependability too. With an investment in new technology and a continuous search for innovative installation techniques and quality materials, Bushboard makes sure customers know they can trust the brand to deliver the best surface products available and a lasting bathroom experience.

At their core, Bushboard’s values ensure they live up to high customer expectations. With an unparalleled range of wall panels, work surfaces, splashbacks and more, customers are spoiled for choice when making the decisions for their bathroom and shower space. With award-winning designs like the Nuance wall panel system, you’ll find choosing Bushboard brand products will help you stay on budget, perform an effortless installation, hold up to regular use and leave your bathroom looking amazing.

Nuance Wet Wall Panels

For those looking for sophisticated styles with a simple installation process, they’ll no doubt find that Nuance by Bushboard is one of the brand’s most impressive offerings. The patented wall panelling system is an innovative alternative to tiles and can transform your bathroom space at a fraction of the cost and effort. Whether for new installations or refurbishments, showers or wetrooms, Nuance wet wall panels can provide a tight, trim-free seal in a wide range of different patterns that are sure to enhance any bathroom.

Unlike bathroom tiling that may require hundreds of different pieces and many hours to complete, creating the perfect seal and elegantly finishing your bathroom is easy with only a few Nuance wet wall panels. Incredibly easy to cut and fit, you can tailor Nuance panels to your bathroom in less time, no matter how unique your space is laid out. In fact, in Bushboard’s time trials, Nuance wall panels went up six times faster than traditional tiles.

When refurbishing an older bathroom, Nuance is also the perfect solution for waterproofing your space while hiding older tiles. With the ability to be installed directly over almost any surface, removing existing tiles is no longer an issue. Once they're up, Nuance panels are beautiful, strong and easy to clean and maintain.

One of the greatest selling points of Nuance panels isn’t the easy installation or low maintenance, however – it’s the wide selection of available patterns and finishes. Traditional tiles can be expensive and as the complexity of the designs increase, so too does the price. Nuance wet wall panels, however, can be found in many different designs, all at an affordable price and even more so when considering the time and labour you’ll save during installation. Choose from a selection of realistic marble, stone, wood and even tile effects to finish your bathroom in style with ease.


The importance of creating a waterproof shower or wet room cannot be understated and while tiles and grout have traditionally done the job, the installation process can be a particularly laborious one. Nuance wall panels, on the other hand, create a 100% waterproof seal in no time and join together seamlessly. When Bushboard’s BB Complete adhesive is used to seal, you’ll also receive a 15-year guarantee.

Nuance panels are also trim-free thanks to their postformed outer edge yet still provide an incredibly effective watertight seal. Without metal trim, you’ll also be able to achieve incredible wet rooms and showers that vary in style. With the flexibility to seamlessly panel just about any wall in your bathroom, the range of styles to choose from are seemingly endless and will ultimately look clean, attractive and professionally installed.

With Nuance wet wall panels, the time and money to be saved with their installation make them an obvious choice for homeowners looking for a practical solution that doesn’t s sacrifice style or elegance.