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Unfortunately, from time to time one of our products doesn't quite make it there in perfect condition. The reasons do vary from manufacturing faults to it receiving a little bump in the van on the way to you. Whatever has happened, we are on hand to help you out.

To make reporting damages we need you take these steps:

Faulty Goods


Made to Order/Special Order Items

What is the difference between a damaged product and a faulty one?

When it comes to resolving this type of issue the first step is to work out if your product is damaged or faulty. This difference will help you work out what the next step is to take.

Damaged products are products that has been broken on the way to you. Examples of this include cracks, chips or scratches that have been caused whilst getting the product to you. This will typically be very clear on visual inspection of your order which must be carried out within 48 hours of receiving your goods.

Faulty products are slightly different as this will be a manufacturing defect such as drawers stop running, valves stop working, doors stop sliding, material finish starts peeling. The process of dealing with this does differ from the damages one – please contact customerservices@bathroomplanet.com to deal with your fault.

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