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Inset Basins

Explore the space-saving and minimalist looks of inset basins. Available in an array of shapes and sizes. These bowls fit into or under our worktop surface. Letting you make the most of your surface space. While still maintaining a practical and deep washing area. read more

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A Roca Carmen inset basin fitted into a worktop

Inset Basins

If your bathroom has a worktop area and you're intending on fitting a basin to it. You're more than likely exploring two options: a countertop basin or an inset basin. The latter - sometimes known as under-mounted basins - grants a more minimalist look. Concealing the majority of the bowl below the level of the worktop. Removing any bulky basin rims. Letting you take full advantage of the surface area of your worktop. Which, in itself is a luxury that could be worth the investment.

Concealing the bowl also allows for deeper and more spacious washing area. Which depending on your surface height, can be made more accessible by the lack of verticality these basins have. Making cleaning and completing routine bathing tasks easier for everyone.

Fully-Inset or Semi-Inset?

The term inset basin only dictates how that basin is fitted in the bathroom. The design above and below is subject to change. Allowing for a surprisingly wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. The broadest change is whether a basin is fully-inset or semi-inset.

A fully-inset or under-mounted basin is fully submerged into the top. Sitting flush with the worktop surface or even under a lip. With little to no material visible above the surface level. This is the sleekest and least visually invasive of the two sub-sections of inset basins. Putting all the focus on the worktop itself and providing the most space savings. Passing all of the focus onto a gorgeous marble worktop or feature brassware.

Semi-inset basins do not conceal themselves totally under the level. Instead, they fit the majority of their bowl space under the countertop. Leaving only a low-profile facade of the basin visible. This exposed section can include a ledge with tap holes for brassware. Or simply act as storage for essentials like soap and toothbrushes.

Both types come in a selection of shapes and sizes to suit your space and needs. Smaller fully-inset models can be used to outfit his and hers wash areas. While larger semi-inset models can make for a great family space. And you can have just the right look with rectangular, square, round and oval basins available to match the feel of your bathroom.


It's important to evaluate your worktop or vanity unit space before committing to an inset basin. This is because these basins have a few prerequisites that need to be met before they are fitted.

Firstly, you need to check the depth of the space under your countertop. Especially if it's mounted on a vanity unit. Ensure there is enough space to accommodate the height of your bowl and the necessary piping.

Next, you'll need to consider the brassware setup you hope to use. A fully-inset basins mean there are no pre-drilled tap holes to fit deck-mounted taps. So, check the space available and plan how you want your taps laid out. If you're using wall-mounted brassware, check the projection of the tap to ensure it reaches into your bowl.

Lastly, almost every inset basin includes a cutting template. This provides a precise guide for creating the hole that will fit your basin. Do not dispose of this as your fitter may require it complete an accurate fitting.