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Walk In Showers

If you are wanting the ultimate showering experience then a walk in shower is a must have in your bathroom. Larger or smaller walk in shower enclosures will feel much more relaxing than using a shower over the bath. read more

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Quadrant Shower Trays

Shaped to fit into the corner of your bathroom with one curved edge, Quadrant shower trays can be fully enclosed with the correct shower enclosure.

Rectangular Shower Trays

Ideal for walk in shower enclosures which will only have one shower wall. An ever popular shape of shower tray in a range of colours, sizes and manufacturing materials.

Shower Doors

Our shower doors & frames come from a range of leading brands offering the best styles whether your looking for framed, frameless or a sliding door can help

Shower Heads

Shower heads can easily be the focal point of your new shower so pick a beautiful showerhead whether you're looking for a small traditional head or a large rainfall style

Shower Rail Kits

For use with or without an external shower valve. Our range of shower rail kits offers plenty of choice in period styles or one piece shower towers from Roca.

Shower Valves

Exposed shower valves from leading brands in victorian period styling or modern slimline concealed shower valve with multiple outlets.

Square Shower Trays

A square shower tray offers one of the easiest footprints to deal with and can be utilised in a small bathroom or Ensuite, still offering adequate sizing up to 1000mm x 1000mm

Wet Wall Panels


Walk In Showers

If your designing your new bathroom a walk in shower is a must-have item, gone are the days of small cramped shower enclosures with showers which offer a poor showering experience. 

If you have the showering space with a minimum width of 800mm it will be a good size where you don't feel restricted in movement, anything greater than this will offer a more luxurious showering experience such as a 900mm wide tray. 

In our experience, if you have unlimited space the length should be over 1000mm as you then get that true feel of the walk in shower. If you go with a square-shaped walk in shower a 900mm x 900mm then you will still have ample space.

Walk in showers are ideal for older and elderly people as the flooring can often be flat with the shower tray where the right products are used further to this some of our trays can come with an anti-slip coating putting at peoples minds at rest for slipping. 

We also stock fixed and removable shower seating which really helps the elderly when taking a shower as this further reduces any risk of slipping whilst maintaining a beautiful looking focal piece in the bathroom.
By far one of the most popular brands for a curved walk in shower is Meryln, who offer some truly stunning designs both framed and frameless. There is also the ultimate style option of smoked glass available on the series 8 range of enclosures. You can have a greater seance of openness by choosing as a rectangular walk-in shower, this would allow for a single glass panel or shower wall to sit on top of the tiling or low profile shower tray with a brace bar on the end which doesn't attach to the wall for stability, this then offers a completely different showering experience.