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Standard Baths

Standard baths offer excellent value for money and use your bathroom's space effectively. All while still providing a comfortable bathing experience. Take your pick of single or double-ended shapes in a variety of lengths and widths to find the right bath for your home. read more

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A standard bath fitted to the wall with three sides covered in bath panels.

Standard Baths

A staple in the average UK home. Standard shaped baths offer a simple but very effective bathing option. Using a bathroom's space effectively while still providing a super comfortable experience for the user. And they do all this in a cost-effective way.

Standard baths are sometimes known as "straight baths". This is because they form a straight line from front to back along their top edge. This simple shape allows for almost universal usage. With any bathroom being capable of accomodating one.

Single-end vs. Double-end

When choosing a bath like this. They will be divided into two distinct categories. Single-ended and double-ended baths. The former has an asymmetric tub with a sloped end where the bather sits and a flat end where the waste and brassware is located. These baths are perfect for a single bather to relax and lean back in the comfort of their bath. Our collection of baths does feature many premium brands such as Roca, Vitra, and Ideal Standard.

Double-ended models have slopes at either end of the bath. Perfect for a shared bath with two people. These styles usually relocate the waste to the middle of the bath to avoid uncomfortable sitting positions. A double-ended model works best with centrally mounted or wall-mounted brassware.


You'll mostly find standard baths fitted in bathroom corners. Helping to preserve space by using up areas that might not be usable for other bathroom utilities. This isn't to say that a bath can't be slotted in with both ends enclosed. Or back to a wall with space around three sides of the bath. The way this works is by pairing your bath with the appropriate bath panels.

Baths like these sometimes include side and end panels to allow for a corner installation. But this is not always the case. And you should check before purchasing any bath.

Another feature that varies from model to model is the inclusion of tap holes. A bath may come pre-drilled with a number of tap holes and even handle holes. But others require holes to be drilled by the fitter. Undrilled baths are popular as they provide flexibility for fitting the tap setup you like most. While pre-drilled baths are convenient if they have the pattern you intend to use.


The most popular material used for manufacturing standard baths is acrylic. Acrylic is lightweight, inexpensive and surprisingly strong. And with the flexible way that acrylic sheets are combined with fibreglass. You can create more diverse and intricate shapes in this material that other heavier-duty options.

Acrylic is also non-porous. Making it resistant to ingress from any bacterial growth. Allowing for easier cleaning and a more hygienic bathing space.

Some brands even experiment with acrylic stone blended compounds. These provide the best of both worlds. With the flexibility and cleanliness of acrylic and the rigidity and heat holding properties of stone.