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VitrA Bidet Toilets

Offering the perfect blend of hygiene and convenience VitrA's bidet toilets are a great addition to a bathroom. read more

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VitrA Bidet Toilets

A bidet is a great addition to a bathroom, both in terms of convenience and hygiene, but many bathrooms may become incredibly cramped with the addition of a standalone bidet. Fortunately, VitrA has a selection of shower toilets, bringing an extra dimension of convenience into the mix by combining the bidet and toilet into one unit.

They also add a high-tech element to your bathroom—a room that is not typically associated with any technology beyond lights and plumbing. VitrA’s selection of bidet toilets is very reasonably priced, even compared to non-bidet toilets, making them a more compelling option.

As we’ll show in a moment, the installation of a bidet toilet may not even require an electrical connection, making installation as straightforward as any other toilet. Having said that, there are models that will require an electrician to install one of these VitrA toilets. As always it is best to consult your tradesman on the specific model. 

VitrA Integra Bidet Toilet

As the name suggests, the VitrA Integra Aquacare Wall-Hung WC is a wall-hung toilet pan. It is both comfortable and hygienic thanks to its use of Rim-Ex technology, incorporating a smooth, rimless pan that gives germs and bacteria nowhere to hide. This makes cleaning the toilet considerably easier.

The Aquacare technology used in the toilet is extremely straightforward to set up and does not require a mains electrical connection—simply hook it up to the water supply. The toilet is finished in brilliant white vitreous China, making it as durable as it is stunning to look at. The look is further enhanced by the combination of smooth curves and straight edges, making this toilet suitable for most bathroom styles, including contemporary designs.

The Integra can be used with a toilet frame mounted into a toilet unit or inside a wall, but it is recommended that a full height frame is used. If you are looking for a frame we would recommend checking out VitrA’s wall hung frames

VitrA M-Line Aquacare Bidet Toilet

The VitrA M-Line Aquacare Wall Hung Bidet Toilet is another offering from VitrA that does not need an electrical connection during installation. This VitrA wall hung toilet is also a model that is equally suitable for toilet units and wall mountings, but the styling of the M-Line is a little more modern, opting for a square design that should look great in any bathroom with a modern style.

The M-Line also makes use of a rimless pan, making it much easier to clean, and much harder for bacteria to take hold. It comes in a brilliant white finish and can be ordered with or without an integrated stop valve.

VitrA V-Care Smart WC

For a more premium offering, the VitrA V-Care Essential Smart WC is another wall-hung toilet, though this one comes with several features that make it a compelling product.

Like our previous highlights, it makes use of a rimless toilet pan which, combined with the self-cleaning jet nozzle, makes for an easy cleaning experience.

The bidet functionality of the V-Care is controlled from a remote control, which makes it easy for you to command several features, such as multiple washing options, adjustable water temperature, the heated seat, and even air purification for deodorisation. The V-Care also comes with a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee.