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Vitra V-Care Prime Smart Back To Wall Bidet Toilet

Vitra's V-Care Prime Smart Back To Wall Bidet Toilet includes front and back jets, adjustable water, toilet, and dryer seat temperature. All adjustable through the included remote or mobile app. read more

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Vitra has updated its popular V-Care range of Smart Bidet Toilets with the Prime Back To Wall Toilet. A new generation of shower toilet with a long list of useful features. New to the list is a downloadable app that lets you control all aspects of the toilet from your mobile phone.

Also new to the Prime is built-in LED lighting that adjusts based on ambient lighting and a child mode that provides control for when little ones are using the WC.

Staple features to the V-Care include front and back jets with self-cleaning and removable heads. These can be adjusted for position and water temperature. The warmth of the automatic heated toilet seat can also be set via the app or the included remote control.

Vitra packs each V-Care Prime with a 10-year guarantee. This covers your purchase in the event a factory flaw appears.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 380mm
    • Height: 400mm
    • Depth: 540mm
  • Finish: White
  • Pan: Rimless
  • Fitting: Back To Wall
  • Features:
    • Toilet Seat: Auto opening soft-closing heated
    • Seat temperature: Adjustable
    • Water temperature: Adjustable
    • Jet intensity: Adjustable
    • 5 settings for seat temperature, water temperature, seat temperature, and dryer
    • Adjustable LED night light
    • Female jet
    • Removable nozzles for cleaning and replacement
    • De-calcification features to prevent limescale
    • Energy-saving mode
    • Air odour purifier
    • Dryer with adjustable temperatures
    • Concealed plumbing connections
    • Automatic back and forth jet
    • Remote control - Provides control over all functions
    • App control available
    • Child mode
  • Guarantee: 10 years
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