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Geberit Sigma80 Touchless Flush Plate for Sigma

What could possibly be more hygienic than a toilet you can flush without even touching it? read more

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What could possibly be more hygienic than a toilet you can flush without even touching it? 

Designed to suit 8 or 12cm cistern's, this flush plate can bring a futuristing and luxurious feel to any bathroom. Manufactured in two stunning finishes which includes black glass or a smoked reflective glass. 

As you'd imagine with a flush plate like this, it is overflowing with top-of-the-range features. IR distance detection with user detection and a sleek background fade out. It would not be possible to find a more futuristic flush plate for your bathroom. 


  • For Sigma 12cm Cistern
  • Protection degree IP45
  • Nominal voltage 85-240 V AC
  • Mains frequency 50-60 Hz
  • Operating voltage 4.1 V DC
  • Interval flush, adjustment range 1-168 h
  • Interval flush, factory setting Off
  • Detection time, adjustment range 1-60 s
  • Detection time, factory setting 7 s
  •  For private and semipublic areas
  • For releasing a dual flush
  • For solid and drywall construction 
  • Suitable for less-abled installation
  • Includes:
    • Mounting frame
    • Support block with servomotor and lifting device, premounted
    • Fastening material
  • Touchless manual flush actuation
  • Automatic flush actuation can be activated
  • Button illumination activated when approached
  • Button illumination can be set in five colours
  • Orientation light can be activated
  • Power supply via power supply unit 
  •  Transformation of mains voltage to extra-low voltage, 4.1 V DC
  • Operation with extra-low voltage, no mains voltage in the cistern
  • Flush actuation can be manually deactivated for cleaning
  • With the push-fit connection with cross-polarity protection
  • Infrared user detection with background fade-out
  • Self-adjusting IR sensor
  • Reliable IR distance detection
  • The user detection range can be set
  • Adjustable interval flush
  • Preflush can be set
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