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Brushed Brass: Crosswater’s Bold As Brass Tap & Shower Finish

Brushed brass taps and showers are nothing new to the bathroom design world and Crosswater knows this. For the longest time the warm finish of brass has been an alternative for anyone who wants to stand out in the world of chrome brassware and other bathroom pieces while staying practical and affordable. Fortunately, Crosswater knows what the people want and using their 20 years of experience, have crafted some of the finest brushed brass pieces built to the highest standards and ready for your bathroom.

So, what’s so class about brass? Well, the first benefit is its look. Brass – especially brushed brass – can give any tap a completely different lease on life. With a warm lustrous glow, brass taps and showers can provide a much more homely feeling that makes a bathroom more inviting when surrounded by wood finishes and crisp light marbles. The same brass tap can be placed in a raw-stone floored bathroom with a much darker look and immediately look industrial and cutting edge. This is the second perk of brass: versatility. Whether your building an natural washroom or a sharp bathing space, the unique hue of brushed brass adapts easily providing you with great flexibility.

So what do we have to offer at Bathroom Planet to help up your brass game?

Crosswater MPRO Brushed Brass Monobloc Basin Tap
Crosswater’s MPRO Brushed Brass Mono Mixer Tap

Crosswater MPRO Monobloc Basin Tap

A twist on the regular monobloc mixer shape, the MPRO Mono Mixer Basin Tap is offered with a smooth control valve or a more shapely knurled version. Simple and elegant, the entire MPRO range is available in brushed brass with a range of taps, shower components and even accessories.

Crosswater MPRO Industrial Brushed brass 3 Hole Basin Tap
Crosswater’s MPRO Industrial 3 Hole Basin Tap In Brushed Brass

Crosswater MPRO Industrial 3 Hole Basin Tap

MPRO Industrial focusses on the charm of exposed pipework. Subtle factory-inspired details like diamond knurling on the edges of nozzles and handles and bevelled ridges along the whole spout give this set industrial appeal. Perfect for more minimalist styling, MPRO Industrial uses brass in a way like no other.

Crosswater Union Multi Function Shower Valve Set
Crosswater Union Multi Function Shower Valve Set

Crosswater Union Multi Function Shower Valve Set

Union is the peak of Crosswater’s engineering and design efforts. Built in Italy and using the best manufacturing techniques, each Union piece is hand finished with high quality standards. This quality is clear in the Union Shower Valve Set as soon as you see it. Available with dial or lever valves to meet your exact needs and made from top quality materials, you’re sure to fall in love.