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Geberit AquaClean Tuma Shower Toilet

This award winning shower toilet from Geberit's AquaClean range brings together contemporary styling with innovative features. read more

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This award winning shower toilet from Geberit's AquaClean range brings together contemporary styling with innovative features. It brings versatility and contemporary design together by enabling your to turn your standard pan into a shower toilet or install a full installation with a wall hung pan with the bidet seat. 


There are two models available with Comfort & Classic variations. The Classic variation of the Tuma all key features you'd look for in a shower toilet and can make for a premium addition to any home. The Comfort however raises the bar even higher in terms of functionality offering 6 additional features over the Classic variation.

Finish Options

You'll notice that the Tuma boasts a design plate at the back of the WC. This is available in four options which allow you to select a model that fits in with your bathroom's decor. The options include Black Gloss, Stainless Steel, White Gloss, & White Plastic. 

Installation Options

When it comes to installing your AquaClean Tuma there are two options. These are either a complete shower toilet solution or a bidet seat which can be added to turn your standard toilet into a all singing all dancing bidet toilet. 


Regardless of the model or installation option you opt for there is no chance you will regret upgrading your WC with an AquaClean Tuma. These WC's are very feature rich boasting things like: 

Bidet Functions
Boasting an oscillating spray which gently moves back and forth ensuring a thorough clean. The position of the spray arm can also be adjusted on a 5-point scale to ensure it works for you. 

Rimfree Pan
The bidet functions are not the only why that this shower toilet shows innovation the pan itself doesn't have a box rim around the pan. This dramatically reduces the amount of bacteria that can hide in the pan. 

Soft Closing Toilet Seat
No more loud bangs when closing the toilet thank's to this soft close seat. Its silent operation will only add to the Tuma's luxurious vibe. 

Economy Mode
You might think that this feature-rich WC Seat must consume a LOT of power. In fact, it sits idol in a stand by mode when not in use and only activates the bidet functions or continuous flow heater when activated.

Additional Features of the Tuma Comfort
The comfort models of the Tuma also have additional features which I have went through below. With these additional features can really make a difference to your experience of visiting the bathroom.

Separate Lady Wash
Apart from the bidet functions which have been went through above the Comfort model also has a separate lady wash function which has been specifically designed to clean sensitive areas. 

Warm Air Dryer
What could be better than not only having a very thorough wash but then being dried off without having to even leave the pan. 

Heated Seat
The seat isn't only ergonomically designed to be comfortable but also in the Comfort model it automatically heats up with seconds of a user sitting on it. This feature is one that you will definitely appreciate on cold winter mornings. 

User Recognition
As touched on above there are features of this toilet which start when a user interacts with it such as the heated seat and odour extraction. 

Operating your AquaClean Tuma

I'm sure you will be able to see by now this WC is anything but standard. This also extends to the way that you control it as there are three different ways to do it. 

Controls on The Seat
On the right hand side of the seat there are buttons to control both the bidet function and the intensity of it. 

Remote Control
If you opt for the Comfort model it also comes with a remote control. This control allows you to operate all function of the WC with ease. 

Geberit App
Aside from the above options you can also download a free app from Geberit in both Android and Apple devices. This app connects to your toilet by Bluetooth allowing you to control all features 

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