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Geberit AquaClean Sela Shower Toilet

The AquaClean Sela blends minimalist styling with the bleeding edge of bathroom innovation into a shower toilet which adds style & functionality to any bathroom.  read more

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The AquaClean Sela blends minimalist styling with the bleeding edge of bathroom innovation into a shower toilet which adds style & functionality to any bathroom. 

With two finish options available which include white alpine, & gloss chrome you will have no trouble fitting this WC into your bathrooms current decor.


It may appear very unassuming, however, is bursting with premium features. These include things such as: 

World-class Bidet Technology
The bidet functions of this shower toilet boast Geberit's patented WhirlSpray technology. This feature enhances the spray by aeration which makes for an effective clean. 

The spray arm & temperature of the water are also both adjustable allowing you to position it exactly where you need it to be. The bidet function also offers several different types of spray which include oscillating & a gentle lady wash setting. 

The Toilet Seat
The toilet seat on this shower toilet is also soft close which only adds to that premium feel that it emits. This stops the seat from slamming when closing making a loud bang onto the pan. There is also a quick-release function on the seat & lid making it far simpler to remove and clean it. 

The Pan
Coated with Geberit's KeraTect glaze this pan will retain its premium shine for a long time. This glaze makes for a near non-porous surface which is far easier to clean than standard ceramic. It also has a resistance to scratches and is known for its durable nature. 
The design of the pan is also rimless, again, adding to the hygiene benefits of this toilet. This is due to the pan not having the box rim inside which only creates extra space for bacteria to thrive. 

Orientation Light
No longer late at night when you wake up will you need to switch every light on to find your way to the toilet. This is down to the orientation light which is attached to the Sela showing you exactly where you need to go. 

User Detection
This might feel quite futuristic but when a person approaches the Sela it detects it automatically opening the toilet ready for use. Not only will this make this WC a talking point of your bathroom but reduces the number of touchpoints in your bathroom.

Energy Saving Function
You may think with all of these features this toilet is going to be very costly to run. In fact, that isn't the case. With its energy-saving mode, the Sela intuitively goes into standby mode when a nobody is around saving keeping that electricity bill looking good. 

Controlling your AquaClean Sela

If you have got this far you will understand that this is no ordinary toilet. As such the way that is operated is also anything but standard. There are three options for which include:

Remote Control
This comes as standard with the toilet and can fully operate the toilet with ease. You can create up to four users profiles on the remote to save preferences with water temperature & intensity.

Control Panel
The control panel offers a very contemporary solution to operating the AquaClean Sela. Available in a white glass finish it offers the same features like the remote control, just with a little more style. 

Geberit App
Geberit has also created a free mobile app which can be accessed on Andriod or Apple devices & connects with your toilet. This also allows you to use all features this shower toilet offers & can advise on any maintenance which could be required. 

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