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Geberit AquaClean Mera Shower Toilet

The Geberit AquaClean Mera sets the bar for excellence when it comes to shower toilets. Overflowing with premium features such as WhirlSpray shower technology, & an intuitively laid-out remote control read more

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The Geberit AquaClean Mera sets the bar for excellence when it comes to shower toilets. Overflowing with top of the line features such as WhirlSpray shower technology, rimless ceramic pan, and an intuitively laid-out remote control. It's very clear to see how this bidet toilet will be the absolute envy of anyone who visits your home.

You don't need to take our word to the quality of this shower toilet as it has won multiple awards including the reddot award in 2015, iF product design award in 2016 & the Design Plus award.


The AquaClean Mera is available in two models with Comfort & Classic variations. They each offering a broad range of features which place them in a class of their own. The Comfort offers 3 additional features over the Classic boasting a heated toilet seat, touchless automatic lid mechanism & an orientation light which can be set to one of 7 colour options.


As already touched on these shower toilets are feature-rich. In fact, even the classic model comes with a wide selection of luxurious features. These include: 

WhirlSpray Shower Technology
Geberit's patented WhirlSpray technology ensures that you will be feeling like you just left the shower after each visit. The is due to the spray being amplified by dynamic aeration which makes for a very efficient clean. 

There are also 5 adjustable pressure settings with the shower spray depending on your preferences. The spray arm is also adjustable allowing you to position it to suit with the touch of a button. Also, you will adjust the temperature of the spray arm to set it to a level which is comfortable for you.

This WC does have a wide range of spray types which include a gentle lady wash & an oscillating spray which makes for a very efficient clean. 

TurboFlush Technology
The ceramic pan does feature a rimless design but also boasts Geberit's TurboFlush technology. This makes for a silent yet incredibly thorough flush. 

Odour Extraction
You also need not worry about unwanted odours in your bathroom thanks to the Mera's automatic odour extraction. This low-noise feature runs for 2 minutes and purifies the air through a ceramic honeycomb filter & doesn't require any additional ventilation. 

After having been thoroughly cleansed the Mera drys you off with a touchless warm-air dryer arm which intuitively aligns itself with the spray arms most recent location. The temperature of the dryer can also be set to one of five options for maximum comfort. 

AquaClean Mera Comfort Specific Features
The Comfort model comes with everything that Classic offers and brings a few more ultra-modern features along with it. These include: 

Heated Toilet Seat
The toilet seat has been ergonomically optimised & fitted with an internal heating element that automatically warms the seat within seconds of a person sitting down. 

Orientation Light
This light also offers a subtle luxurious touch which could also help guide you to the toilet during the night. It is activated by a proximity sensor and can be set to one of seven colours available with 5 options for brightness. 

There are two finish options for this WC with options including white & chrome/white. Either finish will slide seamlessly into any contemporary bathroom with ease. Its wall hung design also adds a real minimalist feel to your bathroom and has quickly become at the centre of modern design.

Controlling your AquaClean Mera

When it comes to operating this toilet there are 3 options which include by remote control, wall-mounted panel, or through the Gerberit APP. 

Remote Control 
The AquaClean Mera comes as standard with a remote control which allows you to use all features of this shower toilet with ease. It is also possible to create four user profiles saving preferences on temperature and intensity. 

Wall Mounted Panel
Another way to operate this shower toilet is via a wall-mounted control panel. This makes for a very contemporary addition to your bathroom complementing the Mera's stylish aesthetics. It is also possible to make use of all of the features with this control panel. 

Geberit AquaClean APP
Geberit has also created an APP which is available free on the App Store or Google Play.  When you install this your smartphone becomes the remote control and also allows you to save personal settings. Using the app also allows you to follow instructions for maintenance. 

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