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BTL Cascade Double Ended Acrylic Whirlpool Bath

Bathrooms To Love's Cascade double-ended whirlpool bath is a customizable dream that lets you craft your perfect bathing experience with zero compromises. read more

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Offering the most in flexibility and customization to suit your exact needs. The BTL Cascade double-ended whirlpool bath is available in 4 unique sizes. With each configurable in 5 different aquajet systems. 6, 8, 12 & 21 jet systems are available with 8, 12 & 21 models able to be specced with integrated lighting for a more striking experience.

Each bath is manufactured to tight tolerances with strong but lightweight acrylic. Or if you're looking for the absolute best in strength and durability, opt for a Supercast bath. Which combines fibreglass and stone resin together for a super-high tensile strength.

Lastly, you'll have the option to add front and/or end panels to suit your fitting. Be it corner or recessed.

Technical Specs

  • Style: Modern
  • Material Available:
    • DIWL0666, DIWL0668, DIWL0670, DIWL0672, DIWL0788, DIWL0790, DIWL0792, DIWL0100, DIWL0102, DIWL0104, DIWL0106, DIWL0242, DIWL0244, DIWL0246, DIWL0248, DIWL0336, DIWL0338, DIWL0340: Acrylic
    • DIWL0676, DIWL0678, DIWL0680, DIWL0794, DIWL0796, DIWL0798, DIWL0110, DIWL0112, DIWL0114, DIWL0252, DIWL0254, DIWL0256, DIWL0342, DIWL0344, DIWL0346: Supercast
  • Finish: White
  • Dimensions Available:
    • DIWL0666, DIWL0100, DIWL0242:
      • Width: 750mm
      • Height: 550mm
      • Length: 1600mm
    • DIWL0668, DIWL0788, DIWL0102, DIWL0244, DIWL0336, DIWL0676, DIWL0794, DIWL0110, DIWL0252, DIWL0342:
      • Width: 700mm
      • Height: 550mm
      • Length: 1700mm
    • DIWL0670, DIWL0790, DIWL0104, DIWL0246, DIWL0338, DIWL0678, DIWL0796, DIWL0112, DIWL0254, DIWL0344:
      • Width: 750mm
      • Height: 550mm
      • Length: 1700mm
    • DIWL0672, DIWL0792, DIWL0106, DIWL0248, DIWL0340, DIWL0680, DIWL0798, DIWL0114, DIWL0256, DIWL0346:
      • Width: 800mm
      • Height: 550mm
      • Length: 1800mm
  • Whirlpool System Available:
    • DIWL0666, DIWL0668, DIWL0670, DIWL0672, DIWL0676, DIWL0678, DIWL0680: 6 Jet
    • DIWL0788, DIWL0790, DIWL0792, DIWL0794, DIWL0796, DIWL0798: 8 Jet with Light
    • DIWL0100, DIWL0102, DIWL0104, DIWL0106, DIWL0110, DIWL0112, DIWL0114: 12 Jet
    • DIWL0242, DIWL0244, DIWL0246, DIWL0248, DIWL0252, DIWL0254, DIWL0256: 12 Jet with Light
    • DIWL0336, DIWL0338, DIWL0340, DIWL0342, DIWL0344, DIWL0346: 21 Jet with Light
  • Available as an option Bath Panel:
    • DIBP0108: Front Panel (1600mm)
    • DIBP0110: Front Panel (1700mm)
    • DIBP0112: Front Panel (1700mm)
    • DIBP0114: Front Panel (1800mm)
    • DIBP0120: End Panel (700/750mm)
    • DIBP0128: End Panel (700/750mm)
    • DIBP0130: End Panel (800mm)
  • Panel Material Available:
    • DIBP0108, DIBP0110, DIBP0120: Acrylic
    • DIBP0112, DIBP0114, DIBP0128, DIBP0130: Deluxe Acrylic
  • Bath Type: Standard
  • Bath Shape: Rectangular
  • Configuration: Double Ended
  • Capacity: 180/190/230 Litres
  • Tap Holes: 0
  • Additional Information:
    • Comes complete with leg set, pre-fitted waste and overflow
    • Supplied without tap holes allowing them to be drilled in a place of your choosing
    • Chrome effect dual controls
    • Jets feed water into the bath as pressure creating a range of massages from relaxing to sports hydro-massage
    • Supercast baths have associated strength of an old cast iron bath but with the benefits of modern material
    • Supercast results in a strong, hard-wearing bath with increased insulation
    • Supplied with 20 years guarantee for the Acrylic Baths & 30 years guarantee for the Supercast Baths, from the manufacturer

*Tap is not included*
**Images of all variants are not available**

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