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BTL Cascade Single Ended Acrylic Whirlpool Bath

Looking for a way to have a relaxing soak after a long day? You need the Cascade single-ended bath. With the option to upgrade it will a whirlpool system, this bath sets the standard for relaxation. read more

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Looking for a way to have a relaxing soak after a long day? You need the Cascade single-ended bath. With the option to upgrade it will a whirlpool system, this bath sets the standard for relaxation.

Sizes and Panels

To meet the needs of bathrooms of all sizes, this bath is available in four sizes. These start from 1700x700mm all the way up to an 1800x800mm model for those with a little extra space. 

You will need to add a combination of panels to this bath depending on how you install it. Just a front panel if it's going into an alcove or with a front and end for a corner. Of course, there is also an option to build a frame for it and tile if you prefer. The panels also come in a choice of Acrylic or Deluxe Acrylic for 

Bath Material

As with any product crafted by Bathrooms to Love, this bath has been build to last. It comes crafted in a choice of two materials with Acrylic and Supercast options to choose from. The Acrylic variant offers a durable bath that can last, also fairly lightweight. If you are looking for some extra strength you'll want to opt for the Supercast option. 

Whirlpool System

The whirlpool system that can be added to this bath is what separates it from a standard model. There are five variants to choose from that include six, eight, or 12 jets and the option of lights. Massage away your worries with this luxurious feature.

Technical Specs

  • Style: Modern
  • Material Available:
    • DIWL0642, DIWL0644, DIWL0646, DIWL0648, DIWL0768, DIWL0770, DIWL0772, DIWL0774, DIWL0076, DIWL0078, DIWL0080, DIWL0082, DIWL0218, DIWL0220, DIWL0222, DIWL0224, DIWL0324, DIWL0326, DIWL0328: Acrylic
    • DIWL0654, DIWL0656, DIWL0776, DIWL0778, DIWL0088, DIWL0090, DIWL0230, DIWL0232, DIWL0330: Supercast
  • Finish: White
  • Dimensions Available:
    • DIWL0642, DIWL0768, DIWL0076, DIWL0218, DIWL0654, DIWL0776, DIWL0088, DIWL0230:
      • Width: 700mm
      • Height: 550mm
      • Length: 1700mm
    • DIWL0644, DIWL0770, DIWL0078, DIWL0220, DIWL0324, DIWL0656, DIWL0778, DIWL0090, DIWL0232, DIWL0330:
      • Width: 750mm
      • Height: 550mm
      • Length: 1700mm
    • DIWL0646, DIWL0772, DIWL0080, DIWL0222, DIWL0326:
      • Width: 800mm
      • Height: 550mm
      • Length: 1700mm
    • DIWL0648, DIWL0774, DIWL0082, DIWL0224, DIWL0328:
      • Width: 800mm
      • Height: 550mm
      • Length: 1800mm
  • Whirlpool System Available:
    • DIWL0642, DIWL0644, DIWL0646, DIWL0648, DIWL0654, DIWL0656: 6 Jet
    • DIWL0768, DIWL0770, DIWL0772, DIWL0774, DIWL0776, DIWL0778: 8 Jet with Light
    • DIWL0076, DIWL0078, DIWL0080, DIWL0082, DIWL0088, DIWL0090: 12 Jet
    • DIWL0218, DIWL0220, DIWL0222, DIWL0224, DIWL0230, DIWL0232: 12 Jet with Light
    • DIWL0324, DIWL0326, DIWL0328, DIWL0330: 21 Jet with Light
  • Available as an option Bath Panel:
    • DIBP0110: Front Panel (1700mm)
    • DIBP0112: Front Panel (1700mm)
    • DIBP0114: Front Panel (1800mm)
    • DIBP0120: End Panel (700/750mm)
    • DIBP0128: End Panel (700/750mm)
    • DIBP0130: End Panel (800mm)
  • Panel Material Available:
    • DIBP0110, DIBP0120: Acrylic
    • DIBP0112, DIBP0114, DIBP0128, DIBP0130: Deluxe Acrylic
  • Bath Type: Standard
  • Bath Shape: Rectangular
  • Configuration: Single Ended
  • Capacity: 185/190/220/240 Litres
  • Tap Holes: 0
  • Additional Information:
    • Comes complete with leg set, pre-fitted waste and overflow
    • Supplied without tap holes allowing them to be drilled in a place of your choosing
    • Chrome effect dual controls
    • Jets feed water into the bath as pressure creating a range of massages from relaxing to sports hydro-massage
    • Supercast baths have associated strength of an old cast iron bath but with the benefits of modern material
    • Supercast results in a strong, hard-wearing bath with increased insulation
    • Supplied with 20 years guarantee for the Acrylic Baths & 30 years guarantee for the Supercast Baths, from the manufacturer

*Tap is not included*
**Images of all variants are not available**

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