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April Bespoke Shower Tray

A simple, elegant shower tray ready to upgrade your showing experience in bathrooms of all styles. read more

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Complementing a quality shower experience comes choosing a suitable shower tray. The April bespoke shower tray is designed to be comfortable and durable throughout. If space is minimal, this oval-shaped shower tray sizes at 915x1040mm for your reference. Coming in at 45mm in height and delivering the job for your new shower. The material is ABS Capped Stone Resin which is made from pieces of stone in a special resin. Which is then moulded and polished when crafted, making this comfortable shower tray a perfect choice for your shower.

The oval-shaped design is best suited for enclosed showers. These stone resin April shower trays are easy for handling and fittings, so you can rest assured for the installation process. Is lightweight and feels solid quality.

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