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April Bentham Freestanding Bath

Traditional freestanding bath with different feet options at an affordable price read more

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This easily moveable freestanding bath is a great feature for your bathroom. The April Bentham freestanding bath gives you a cushioned and smooth experience. The acrylic material is strong, long lasting and most importantly, comfortable throughout. Choose between 5 feet options for your April freestanding bath, from white, silver and black style legs. If you want a themed bathroom matching the colours throughout, then you have a light and dark choice. Pick either dove grey or white colour to help you decide which feature you’d like to go for. 

The benefits from standing legs is the chance for you to easily move around when needed in your bathroom. If you want to change up your bathroom then this can easily be done. If you were to move house this can also travel with you. The design of the freestanding bath is rectangular and makes a brilliant choice for your bathroom.

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